The True Battle

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TLDR: Observing ideological trends in the Panth, we must address misinformation and economic misconceptions. Petty squabbles distract us from the true battle: liberty vs authoritarianism – Azaadi vs Ghulami. The Khalsa is so far behind that preventable suffering goes unchecked. We must re-align our thinking and become aware of how the world really works to uncover relevant, effective solutions. Simply surviving as a Panth isn't really enough. There is a lot Sikhi and the Guru Khalsa Panth can offer the world, but we have to transition from a mindset that just seeks to survive, to one that aims to thrive.


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The True Battle

On observation, there has been a rise in certain ideas within the Panth that seem to not only go against basic principles of economics, but are also antithetical to Sikhi itself. Alongside much of the population, we Sikhs are increasingly falling prey to misinformation and ignorance¹.

Petty squabbles about largely meaningless things have become the norm, and society all around us is becoming more and more polarised in terms of left-wing and right-wing nonsense. But this is a distraction. The real problem is, and has always been, the battle between liberty and authoritarianism. Therefore, this manifesto is an attempt to combat these bad ideas, with a set of better ideas drawing from both Sikh principles and the latest developments in the field of economics. Azadism combines these two aspects into an ideology that prioritises the same freedom that our Gurus and Shaheeds fought and attained martydom for.

The reality is this - not only are there nations that hold power and influence that the Khalsa should have already had at this point, but even single individuals have more power than perhaps the entire Panth combined. The worst part is that these people abuse their power to oppress, murder and steal, and the Khalsa has no current way of stopping or replacing them.

What Are North Korea's Military Capabilities?
How embarrassing when comparing the military parades of tyrants to our Nagar Kirtans

It may be argued that nothing will beat the Guru’s Khalsa, and whilst true, this has not been seen to prevent the otherwise avoidable genocides and brutal oppression of today. Lingering on the fact that the Khalsa will never be destroyed isn't enough. I get where this survivalist mindset comes from, but there is a difference between surviving and thriving. We are so behind on the global level for many things, and as a result needless and preventable suffering goes unchecked.

It is time for a rethinking in our approach. A realignment of our goals and objectives so that Guru Khalsa Panth is able to navigate the complexity of the modern world and avoid propaganda and misinformation². But to do so, we must accurately define the problem. We must learn from history - both the successes and the failures. Knowledge is a tool that can be used both against us and for us. Acquiring knowledge ourselves is a necessary means of defence in this age of information warfare.

¹ One of the more prominent examples of these are the Neo-Khalistani organisations such as "National Sikh Youth Federation" (NSYF). Their stances have been thoroughly dissected and debunked here: NK (

The only counter to my counter-arguments to this so far from these old masands, supposedly representing Sikh youth (the irony), has been threats of violence. Many who read this are likely part of the growing number who are already well aware of the true nature of these "Panthic" politicians.

² Something that Bunga Azaadi will be facilitating in particular.

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