Sikhs & AI Conference

Sikhs & AI Conference

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already here. Should the Panth ignore it and simply continue to play catch up?

Bunga Azaadi believes that Sikhs and Guru Khalsa Panth needs to reconcile with this topic seriously NOW if we don’t want to be blindsided by the latest innovations. Therefore, it is crucial to explore the potential threats of AI as well as any opportunities we can leverage to promote Sikhi and progress towards Khalsa Raaj. Through this conference, we seek to encourage AI Vichaar in the Panthic discourse and increase its priority in our collective consciousness.

WHAT: The Sikhs & AI Conference will host a number of speakers presenting on AI from a Sikh perspective. Through this conference, we seek to cover the following topics:

  • What is AI and why should we care?
  • Biggest threats to the world.
  • Threat to Sikhs and Sikhi.
  • What opportunities can we as a Panth leverage?

WHEN: Sunday 28th January, 5PM -  7PM GMT (UK Timezone)

WHERE: Online via Zoom. To join, visit and click on the button there on the day. Will also send a reminder via Email - so if you are not already, please subscribe.

All are welcome to listen and ask questions.

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