Death Penalty in a Sikh State?

Death Penalty in a Sikh State?

Azadism is a political-economic ideology based on Sikh principles and the Khalsa ethos. However, although many of the core ideas were fleshed out in the Azadist Manifesto, there were still many areas left to cover and make decisions on.

Bunga Azaadi was established in part to help fill in these gaps by bringing together Sangat who are able and willing to conduct some of these advanced Vichaars. In the process, they contribute towards building a knowledge base in preparation for when the Khalsa gets to a stage where we are implementing our own experiments in statecraft. Thereby, we are not going into it blindly and have a resource pool of practical and relevant vidya to draw from.

As part of Bunga Azaadi’s growing Vichaar Repository, we have now launched the “Law & Order” series. This will host a collection of Vichaars conducted by the Bunga on how the legal system may work in a Sikh state. The first of these Vichaars is on the topic of whether or not the Death Penalty should be implemented, and have produced the following to outline our ideas.

Official Bunga Azaadi Position (OBAP) Document

Each month, Bunga Azaadi hosts a “Darbar” for all our members to join and participate in a discussion/debate related to a particular topic.

Our first Darbar of this nature was conducted on the Death Penalty, and the main for and against arguments were presented and recorded. This then formed the basis of an OBAP document which contains:

- A statement of the overall position
- The overall consensus position, whether the Bunga is For, Against or Undecided
- Composition of the above votes so you can see the split in opinions amongst Bunga members
- Bulleted list of the main For and Against arguments, as well as counter-arguments

So what was our decision? Find out here.

Additional Vichaar

To expand upon the arguments presented or explore the topic further from different perspectives, in the repo we also host additional Vichaars conducted by Bunga Members to expand on concepts and discussions from their points of view.

“Capital Punishment: Does it have a place in Azadist Society” is a closer look at the different factors that should be considered when thinking about whether or not to implement a Death Penalty. It also looks into how in an Azadist system the administration of such things could be handled with private contracts, expanding upon the statement provided in the OBAP.

Available at to read here: Capital Punishment: Does it have a place in Azadist Society

Get Involved

Disagree? We would like to hear your counter-arguments. If anyone is able to produce a more compelling argument or present evidence that debunks our Bunga position then we would love to hear from you.

The OBAP isn’t fixed, and our aim is to have the most well-thought-out positions we can, so are more than happy to be proven wrong and have our positions stress-tested. We are not a typical “Panthic” Organisation that runs away from questions and criticism, our egos aren’t as fragile as Neo-Khalistanis with their echo chambers, and so welcome respectful disagreement heavily.

If you have any, or wish to submit your own write-ups to support either the for or against positions, or just want to share your own Vichaars in general, then send us an email at:

If you would like to join the Bunga itself and take part in future Darbars, consider applying at

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