What is Azadism?

Azadism introduces a framework to promote the flourishing and prosperity of existing or hypothetical states and nations. The Azadist Manifesto outlines the political-economic philosophy of Azadism as a Sikhi-based alternative to authoritarian ideals and central planning. Combining both Sikh principles and Economic theory, this work aims to increase education of these concepts amongst the Guru Khalsa Panth and the wider Sangat.

What is the Azadism Newsletter for?

In order to make Azadism more resilient to censorship and reduce reliance on any one platform, I have decided to release this Azadism Newsletter.

This is a weekly publication that will include the latest updates related to this project and also an opportunity to learn about Azadism from scratch. I will be reposting some of my original content from the Instagram that I started over a year ago alongside the launch of the book.  

What Will Be Covered?

To start with, I will be sharing the section summaries of the Azadist Manifesto each week. For some of you who have read it already, this will be a good way to refresh yourselves on the content, and for those who are new to all this, it is the perfect place to get started.

After that, it will be a mix of existing content from the Instagram and new content related to all things Sikhi, Statecraft & Economics! This newsletter will likely also include exclusive Vichaars that I don't have time to design proper Instagram posts for, but can be shared easier via this medium instead. As this project progresses towards its Phase 2, this newsletter will also be used to update Sangat about it and communicate opportunities.

Additionally, each week I will answer popular questions related to the previous week's post, so you as the Sangat can keep engaged.

In time, I would also love to incorporate any content you may wish to write and share with the Sangat on anything related to the topics that Azadism covers.

"It is time to raise the level of discourse around Azaadi in the Panth, from mere sloganeering and vague notions to actual detailed plans and practical visions based on how the world really works, whilst grounded in Sikhi and a Khalsa ethos."

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This format will be just a once-a-week commitment of your time, with no paid subscription required (pay me by reading it!). In return, you will build your knowledge on how to do Raajniti from a Sikh perspective in the modern age.

"If you want Raaj tomorrow, then start thinking like Raaje today"

If this all sounds good to you, you can sign up for this weekly newsletter using the blue subscribe button in the bottom right of your screen.

How Can You Support?

Often I get asked this question, and really, your engagement is more than enough. Subscribing to the newsletter and sharing it with your Sangat will help the most.

However, if you do want to support financially, then consider buying a physical copy of the Azadist Manifesto or other merch in the store here: www.azadism.co.uk/shop.

All profits are reinvested into the Azadism Project.

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